A stable group of up to nine individuals working together to achieve a shared goal
Written by Borut Bolčina
Updated 11 months ago

A team is a first-class citizen concept in Agile Tools and is even one of the three pillars of the platform.

Organizational behaviorists have long understood that today's complex systems demand high-quality teamwork. They found that cohesive teams perform significantly better than collections of individuals when faced with knowledge-rich, problem-solving tasks that necessitate large amounts of information.

A team is a stable group of up to nine individuals working together to achieve a shared goal.

Form log-lived teams as the norm and then co-create team OKRs and watch the rocket fly!

A team detail view in Agile Tools displays the individual's roles so you can immediately see the job diversity of a cross-functional team.

Agile Tools Team cross-functional

Teams are highly encouraged to set goals (OKRs) in a regular cadence repeatedly.

What is your definition of a Team?

The term Team is often used interchangeably with people/employees in a specific Organizational Unit. That is not the case in Agile Tools, where we go with team-first thinking, a concept that encourages joining people from different Organizational Units and considering a team as a basic organizational unit that produces value aka Value Units.

You can still go traditionally and create functional teams only, just know, that in the context of OKRs, that can harm you.
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