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Written by Borut Bolčina
Updated 1 year ago
Agile Tools is in Early Access, meaning only an initial set of features is implemented. Currently, users can be added and invited to the platform manually by a person with the administrator role.

"How to begin with Agile Tools?" is an introductory article with a high-level plan for getting started.

Usually, it is best to create the organizational structure up-front so that when adding users, you can assign the correct department for them.

Agile Tools gives you two options for getting users on the platform:

  1. Add User
  2. Add & Invite User

Some organizations prefer to configure the platform upfront and only then communicate to employees how to use the platform. It is only natural for power users (administrators) to get to know the tool and the processes so that they can pass the knowledge downstream.

The administrators should be those who promote the OKRs in the company. It depends on company size, but take it as a general rule. They are the ones who know the most about the OKR framework and will act as internal coaches. We call them "OKR Ambassadors".

If you are a small company, adding and inviting in one go can certainly play well.

The video below is just a test.

We recommend you not to start with the OKR program with all the employees. Do a pilot with your top management first, then expand slowly with selected teams.

The number of users does not influence your subscription amount; the number of active goals does.

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