How to begin with Agile Tools?

The recommended steps for an easier start
Written by Borut Bolčina
Updated 1 year ago

Agile Tools as an OKR digital platform will depend significantly on your current OKR mileage.

We designed Agile Tools to help you on your OKR path by guiding you with wizards, interactive help guides, and good practices that evolved through years of field experience. 

  1. Start with the article Before you begin - How to raise your chances of succeeding with OKRs? which will probably raise more questions than answers, but remember that OKR is a critical thinking framework.
  2. Sign up for an account at
  3. Add some Organizational Units, like departments you have in your organization.
  4. Add one or two products you build, services you offer, or projects you run. These are called Value Units.
  5. Add some users, your colleagues, employees. Just add a few so you can get a feeling.
  6. Create a Team or two. Remember, a team in Agile Tools is not the same as a department.
  7. Create your first OKR for your organization, any team, or any value unit you created. The wizard will guide you in creating the Objective (Goal) and Key Results.
Take a peek in the Library, where you can get some inspiration on Objectives and Key Results.
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