OKR Tracker

Start simple, then digitize
Written by Borut Bolčina
Updated 1 year ago

The OKR Tracker is any tool that helps you and your organization to organize transparent management of OKRs.

We advocate learning the basics in the analog world and only then switching to a digital solution.

OKR tools can be damaging to the point of ruining your well-intended plans to embark on a delicate change management mission of introducing the Objectives and Key Result critical thinking framework to your organization.

The first question you have to answer even before people start to be involved in the OKRs is, "Why are you doing it?" The OKR software vendors have to ask themselves a similar question: "Who will be using the software, in what way, and for what purpose?"

Did the software provider think of the consequences of mixing performance management, personal goals, and linking OKRs to incentive compensation? Nothing is black-and-white, but be aware of the colors.

Imagine how many transportation vehicles exist in today's world. Talking with an analogy, we are building a high-end electric train because we know cars won't do it, buses are small and slow, and some people are afraid to fly. And rockets are a fantasy. Each has a target audience.

We invite and welcome you aboard!

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